Backflow Valves Repairs & Installation

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Backflow Valves Repairs & Installation

Broward County Backflow Certified

4 Star Plumbing Services is one of Broward County’s premier commercial plumbers with the experience and knowledge needed for all your backflow valve needs. Our commercial plumbers certify, repair and install all makes and models of backflow valve devises. From the RPZ otherwise known as the Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Valve, to the Double Check typically used for fire water services and the Pressure Vacuum Breaker used for irrigation water services, we service them all.

4 Star Plumbing Services has experience with all makes and models of backflow devises. Our certified commercial plumbing technicians have access to all backflow valve parts usually with 24 hours if we do not have them already in stock. A short list of brand name valves that we service are as follows; Ames Fire and Waterworks, Conbraco Apollo Valves, Cla-Val, Febco Backflow Prevention, Hersey Products, Wilkins a Zurn Company, Rainbird and Watts Backflow Valve Assemblies.

4 Star Plumbing Services stocks only genuine manufacturer replacement part kits, repair tools, and other more commonly used hardware parts. We have experienced backflow technicians on staff ready to answer questions and assist you regarding Fort Lauderdale plumbing repairs and parts. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, the best service, and steadfast dependability.

General Information

Backflow is defined as the reverse flow of a liquid into the potable water supply. The installation of a backflow preventer protects the water supply from contamination from this very serious condition.

Code Requirements

All major plumbing code bodies address protection against backflow. All potential or existing cross connections must be protected from backflow by the installation of a proper backflow prevention device. Consult your national and local plumbing code authorities for more specific information on your code requirements.

Backflow Definitions

Backpressure: pressure, higher than the supply pressure, caused by a pump, elevated tank, boiler, or any other means that may cause backflow.

Backsiphonage: backflow caused by negative or reduce pressure in the supply piping.

Cross-Connection: a connection or a potential connection between any part of the potable water system and other environment containing substances in a manner that under any circumstances would allow such a substance to enter the potable water system. Other substances may be gases, liquids, or solids, such as chemicals, waste products, steam, water from other sources (potable or non-potable) or any other matter that may change the color or add odor to the water. Bypass arrangements, jumper connections, removable sections, swivel or changeover assemblies, or any other temporary or permanent connecting arrangement through which backflow may occur are considered to be cross connections.

Health Hazard: a cross-connection or potential cross-connection involving any substance that could, if introduced into the potable water supply, cause death, illness, or spread disease, or have a high probability of causing such effects.

Non-Health Hazard: a cross-connection or potential cross-connection involving any substance that generally would not be a health hazard but constitutes a nuisance or would be aesthetically objectionable, if introduced into the potable water supply.

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