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If your home or business operates on gas, 4 Star Plumbing Services can help you keep everything functional. We can also help you maximize efficiency of your gas water heaters, boilers and other appliances. Our experienced professionals show up at your door on time, with a courteous attitude and all the expertise needed to safely work with your liquid petroleum (LP) and natural gas piping systems.

Our professionals are available for appointments during regular business hours, but our emergency services are available around the clock. You can trust on our service technicians to show up at your home or business any time of the day or night, and that includes on weekends and major holidays. If your gas pipes spring a leak on Christmas day or your gas oven stops working with the Thanksgiving turkey half baked, our professionals are always available to assist you.

Inspections and Maintenance Services

You need to maintain your gas appliances, heaters and boilers over time in order to get the most out of every system. From testing for leaks to replacing parts and making small repairs that would otherwise lead to big problems, you can count on our professionals to look over your gas systems and piping with an eye for safety and improvement.

If you have a gas water heater or boiler in your home or commercial building, our professionals can keep it running efficiently so that it lasts longer. This can extend the life of your system so that you save money over the years. Our professionals can also service all of your gas appliances to ensure they operate safely.

Installations and Conversions

When you need a new water heater, boiler or other appliance, you may decide to go with a gas unit. This requires a conversion from electricity to gas systems. Our professionals have years of experience handling these conversions, including installing gas piping as needed for a new gas appliance installation. If you want to make sure the job is done right and leaks are avoided for the safety of your family or employees, you can trust our experts.

Got a Leak?

Our professionals have the equipment and expertise needed to test for potential gas leaks on your property. If you already know that there is a leak, we have the equipment and knowledge to identify the leak and correct the problem quickly. Our professionals will thoroughly examine the condition of your gas systems and determine what is needed to repair all leaks as well as other problems.

Since we also specialize in maintenance and preventative procedures for all types of gas appliances, boilers and water heaters, you can guarantee that our professionals will pick up on any other problems that you may have with your gas systems. We can go from fixing a leak to helping you prevent a larger problem that could cost you in the future.

There are many advantages to using gas appliances, but you have to invest in the integrity of your systems. This starts with dedicated maintenance procedures and ends with trustworthy, responsive emergency services.

Residential Gas Piping

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