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We provide comprehensive leak repair and leak detection services to all residents of the Fort Lauderdale area. Our plumbers will get to your home quickly to fix any residential plumbing disaster. We offer same-day service, so your home will be free from leaking hazards in no time.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs around your home lately, then it’s time to contact us:

  • Spongy, wet, or soggy flooring,
  • Mildew growth,
  • An increase in your water bills,
  • A constant ticking sound coming from your water meter,
  • New or deeper cracks in walls or foundation.

All these signs, or even just one, indicate a water leak in a home. Water leaks cost homeowners more money regarding their monthly utility bills. They can also cause catastrophic damage to the house if left undetected, even briefly. 

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Pipe Leak Detection and Repair

Did you know the average American home typically uses around 400 gallons of water? That’s a lot of water! It’s likely to be well above that in homes with larger families and busier times of the year. We rely on steady water delivery.

When water flow is interrupted or hampered, it makes daily living a hassle. Pipe leaks are a common culprit when it comes to this. That’s why acting soon is essential if one is happening in your home.

Pipes make up an intricate and complex web of water delivery to our homes. If a pipe starts to leak, it can cause a cascading effect around the house. When one pipe starts leaking, it can lead to many other problems around the home, including with other pipes.

We’ll provide comprehensive repairs to protect your home from water damage. When leaks occur, it’s crucial to get it fixed. A professional repair will prevent damage to floors and walls, mildew, and mold build-up.

When we conduct a leak test, homeowners can do a few things to ensure an accurate reading.

We recommend that you have the area vacuumed and cleaned. Dirt and debris in the area can make it difficult to spot a leak. If your water smells earthy, mildew, algae, or fungi, have likely infested it. 

We will likely have to run the water through the pipes to locate the pipe leaking. After the leak testing and repair, you’ll know you have a safer home. 

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Basement Leak Detection and Repair

When a basement starts to leak, it can affect the whole house. The fact is basement leaks can often go undetected for quite some time. The leak will get more significant and noticed unless it is a commonly used space.

But when a basement leak occurs, it’s vital to get it repaired so that it doesn’t damage other areas of the home or threaten its structural integrity, like damaging the foundations.

Leak detection in Fort Lauderdale is also important because the weather here can sometimes be humid, accelerating the damage.


Bathroom Leak Detection and Repair

When a bathroom leak occurs, it’s crucial to fix it. We think of bathrooms as the ‘water hub’ of a home, where we shower, bathe, and use the sink. Not only does water flow through a bathroom, but it’s also crucial to our daily lives!

We’ve got you covered, whether it’s a toilet, shower, or sink leak. We’ll locate which pipe is the culprit and fix it so that your daily life remains convenient. 

We also perform faucet repair, drain cleaning, and other general repairs to keep your bathroom running at its best.

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Kitchen Leak Detection and Repair

Whether due to a sink, piping behind a refrigerator, or the dishwasher, 4 Star Plumbing Services will use our state-of-the-art leak detection equipment. Trust our years of experience in Fort Lauderdale to locate and repair the leak.

We aim to get to work and fix the leak in as little time as possible but in a comprehensive service. That way, you have long-term peace of mind and can get back to enjoying your kitchen.


24/7 Emergency Leak Repair Services

The unexpected can happen at any moment, causing significant disruption and inconvenience. 4 Star Plumbing Services can handle any emergency plumbing leak repair.  Since leaks can cause unwanted hazards and substantial damage, it’s essential to have a reliable emergency plumbing service provider to call on during these instances.

4 Star Plumbing Services operates 24/7 to promptly respond to plumbing emergencies in Fort Lauderdale and its neighboring areas. Our professional and expert technicians are always ready to arrive at your premises with fully equipped trucks, providing prompt resolution to any emergency plumbing leaks you might be facing.


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