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Professional Water Filtration Repairs in Fort Lauderdale

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A water filtration system is a smart, efficient upgrade to your Fort Lauderdale home plumbing. Your family relies on filtration systems for clean, tasty water whenever they turn on a faucet. That is why your filtration system needs to stay in excellent working order.

Suppose you ever need help with your water treatment system. In that case, we offer full services for filtration installations and repairs. Here you can learn more about water filtration systems and the services we provide.

Repairing Water Softeners

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Most Florida homes have hard water containing large amounts of calcium, iron, and other elements. Groundwater picks up these minerals as it travels through limestone aquifers. Florida has many natural limestone deposits, so hard water is standard throughout the state.

Hard water is safe to drink and use, especially after treatment by your municipal water system. The extra minerals cause build-up, unwanted tastes and smells, dry skin, and other annoyances. Florida water softener systems are a popular way to remove these additional minerals.

Water softeners and water filters both remove unwanted elements from your water. Softeners usually contain resin beads or filters that attract hard water’s added minerals. Water flows through the softener before it reaches your faucets. The resulting “soft” water is easier on your pipes, appliances, hair, skin, and tastebuds.


Water Filtration Repairs and Installations

The signs of a broken water filter or broken water softener can be subtle. It can be hard to know when your system is having problems. Monitor these symptoms to know when you need water filtration system repairs.

Water Filtration Clogs

When the filters need to be changed, the system can get clogged. Water filters trap particles before they reach the faucet. These particles are usually too small to see but build up over time. Eventually, a dirty filter turns into a clogged system.

Clogs can slow or even stop the flow of your sink water filters. They can also increase the water pressure in the rest of your house. Call 4 Star Plumbing Services whenever you notice water flow or pressure problems. Our trained plumbers will clean or have your filter replaced to get the water flowing again.

Change in Water Quality

A water filter should improve your water. Decreased water quality is a clear sign your filtration system needs to be repaired. Keep an eye on your water. 

Water shouldn’t be cloudy, taste strange, have an odor, or feel slimy. Call a professional plumber if you notice a new smell, taste, color, or texture in your water.

Drainage Problems

Your home’s plumbing is a system. It performs best when all its components are usually working—and your plumbing can have problems when just one element needs repair. A struggling water filtration system can cause drainage problems throughout the home. 


How Do Water Filtration Systems Work?

There are a variety of water filters on the market. They all work similarly, no matter which system is installed in your home. The filter is installed between your water line and your faucet. 

Water runs through the filter before you use it. Some systems include storage tanks where pre-filtered water is ready to use. Other systems filter the water whenever you open the faucet. 

Water filtration systems work by removing impurities such as debris and bacteria to improve your water. Modern filters trap, reduce, and draw out a wide range of contaminants. Most systems use multiple filters for improved performance.

Here are just some of the contaminants your filter can remove:

  • Dirt and dust
  • Rust
  • Dander
  • Other dissolved solids
  • Chlorine
  • Sodium
  • Nitrates
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Bacteria


When Do You Need Water Filter Repairs?

Your water filter is a small part of your overall plumbing. However, water filters still need professional service every 6 months to a year. Water runs through these systems on the way to your faucet.

A problem with your filter or softener impacts every drop you drink. Don’t ignore these issues once you notice them. Plumbing problems get more complicated over time, so call a professional as soon as something seems wrong.


Get Professional Fort Lauderdale Water Filtration and Water Softener Solutions

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