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Tank Type Water Heaters

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Servicing Fort Lauderdale and the entire Broward County areaTank Type Water Heaters, Serviced and Installed


One of South Florida’s leading hot water heating specialists is ready to assist you with your new tank type water heater. High-efficiency and solar tank style water heaters are a growing field in plumbing technology as people look for ways to save money on their bills as well as go Green and reduce their carbon footprint.

Tank type water heaters are the most common type in the United States of America. Fort Lauderdale tank water heaters heat water even when not in use so there is a supply of hot water ready to go when you need it. Standard tank water heaters come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 gallons to 120 gallons and now have energy efficiency ratings up to .95 using new design technology and increased insulation. These changes to insulation mean you spend less on your energy bills for reheating the water in your tank that does not get used. The money your new heater will save you can help to recoup your investment.

Whether you are running out of hot water due to a large demand or you are upgrading a standard 5′ x 9′ bathroom to a master suite or an in-home spa, it may require upgrading to a larger gallon capacity water heater, especially if the new bathroom will include a deep soaking tub with a multi-head shower system. Replacing a tank water heater with another tank water heater is fast and keeps labor costs to a minimum.

Tank type water heaters come standard from the factory at 120°F as a precaution against scalding, but can be adjusted up or down to suit your needs. Another safety feature for gas type water heaters is Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance technology which prevents the pilot light on your gas water heater from igniting flammable vapors, such as spilled gasoline, outside the unit. We can even install water alarms to alert you if your water heater tank leaks or a Wags Valve which will shut off the water into the water heater to reduce the amount of water that could damage your Fort Lauderdale home and will close off the gas lines to your heater to minimize any gas safety-related concerns.

At 4 Star Plumbing Services, we work with natural gas, LP, oil, and electric water heaters and are considered a leader in the industry. We work with Rheem, Lochinvar, Ruud, State, AO Smith, and Bradford White so you can rest assured we will get you the right heater, at the right size for the right price.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of water heaters visit our buyer’s guide.

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