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The Best Water Heater Reviews and Buying Guide

You’ve decided it’s time for a new water heater, but you have no idea where to begin. Don’t worry; we have included evaluations and a shopping guide for water heaters.

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Published: February 23, 2023

What to Look for in a Water Heater

The water heating industry has gone a long way, with improved models and a wide range of high-tech customization choices available to anybody shopping to replace an aging system.

Bosch, Rinnai, GE, Ruud, Takagi, and Rheem manufacture a wide variety of water heaters, including conventional gas tanks and tankless electric models.

The Rheem Manufacturing Company is well recognized as the premier manufacturer of high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters across various product lines.

Customers can rest assured knowing that the water heaters they buy from them are of the highest quality since they are made with care and put through rigorous quality assurance testing.

There are a lot of factors to think about while picking between electricity, gas, or hybrid. Finding the right water heater may be challenging, but we hope our reviews and shopping advice will help. Gas heaters are less expensive than electric water heaters, yet they use more energy. Gas heaters are also known for their quick recovery times.

When picking which water heater to replace the current one, it’s also essential to consider the current one the client uses. Many buyers replace their old heater of the same kind rather than transition from gas to electric since this might need extra work and cost more money.

When you’ve decided on a water heater in Fort Lauderdale for you and are ready to install a new one, this guide will help you choose the perfect one for your household. 

What are the different types of water heaters?

Tank-Storage Water Heater

Tank water heaters are in most homes where the water is heated using a storage tank. Water is heated and held in an insulated tank until it is required. It is released via a pipe on top of the water heater, as the name indicates.

There is also a pressure and temperature relief valve that will release any built-up pressure or heat.

While natural-gas water heaters cost more upfront, they save money in the long term due to their lower energy consumption and lower operating costs (by nearly half).

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters don’t store water but instead, heat it instantly using coils whenever you need it. Their energy efficiency is superior to that of a storage tank.

Still, they can only provide a small amount of hot water every minute (about 3.5 gallons, depending on intake water temperatures).

It’s recommended for those who don’t regularly use water for many purposes, such as taking a shower and starting the dishwasher.

Natural gas is ideal for tankless versions since it doesn’t need a pricey update to the home’s electrical capacity to power the unit.

Water Heater With a Heat Pump (Hybrid)

Hybrid heat pump water heaters are effective in transferring heat from the air to the water below. Compared to regular electric water heaters, they save energy consumption by over 60%.

While they are more expensive than electric-only ones, their setup time and payback period are about the same. But they have to be kept in a room where the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal performance.

And since the heat pump is on top, a hybrid water heater requires as much as 7 feet of space from floor to ceiling. To collect enough heat from the air, you’ll need an area of up to one thousand cubic feet that isn’t air-conditioned and a drain nearby to empty the condensate.

What Size Water Heater Tank Does My Household Need?

Water heater manufacturers often categorize storage tank water heaters according to the volume of water they can provide. It’s crucial to calculate the typical daily need for hot water in your home so that you can stock up accordingly. A bigger tank is required for a more sizable household unless a tankless model is used.

Another factor to consider is the recovery rate or the amount of water that a storage tank can heat while replenishing the tank. A larger recovery rate is required when more hot water is used often. You may need a larger water heater if you often run the dishwasher or the washing machine.

If a tank water heater is what you’re after, consider these guidelines as a starting point for determining the correct size.

A company like 4 Star Plumbing Services will expertly help you save money buying a water heater in Fort Lauderdale

Guidelines for Minimal Gallon Capacity

Water Heating System, Electric

Water Heater System, Gas

Where Should I Put My Water Heater Tank?

There are other choices if a conventional water heater is too large for your home. All three of these choices are equally effective and adaptable to electric, natural gas, or propane systems. 

Low Boy Height and Water Heater Cabinet Depth Requirements

These water heaters come in gas and electric varieties and are narrower and shorter than standard ones. Water capacity is the same as their bigger counterparts but may be placed in tighter quarters beneath cabinets and crawlspaces. Lowboys have a capacity of up to 50 gallons of water and may be as tall as 30 inches.

Having Enough Room for a Tall Water Heater

Both gas and electric tall water heaters are available, with capacities of up to 100 gallons. Their heights vary from 50 to 76 inches. They work well in low-ceilinged areas such as basements and garages.

Remember that hybrid water heaters have unique installation requirements and should be installed in a larger-than-usual area, so be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before making your final decision.

We’ve made selecting a water heater simple by dividing them into two groups: electric and gas.

Electric Water Heaters and Our Review: 


Electric Storage Water Heaters

Tronic 3000T

This space-saving model is perfect for small families or those who don’t intend to use a lot of hot water. Using the most cutting-edge tech to enhance efficiency, the Tronic 3000T is easy to set up and maintain and can be floor or wall-mounted. 

Tronic 5000T

The Bosch Tronic 5000T is a customizable tank water heater that provides 30-50 gallons of hot water on demand. It comes in three sizes for all installation situations and is recommended as a replacement unit. With a glass-lined interior to prevent corrosion, it is guaranteed to last at least a decade. 

Tronic 6000C

This tankless model boasts an internal water filter and 95% thermal efficiency. It’s compact and lightweight, with a consistent water temperature output. Great for heating water for the whole house. 

Tronic 3000 2R

This model is a compact, versatile, under-sink water heater with no stand-by loss. A copper heat exchanger with copper-sheathed heating elements, it has a 360-degree mounting capability. 

Tronic 3000 US12

The Tronic 3000 US12 water heater may be wall-mounted beneath the sink, occupying very little room. No venting and little maintenance save energy and space since they operate on electricity and don’t store water.

Tronic 6100 C

The Tronic 6100 C electric tankless water heater is small but powerful, providing hot water for a whole household with no effort. Modulating components maintain a steady output temperature, which is essential for homes. Moreover, there is no wastage of water or power due to the 95% efficiency and 0% stand-by loss.

Tronic 4000 C

The Tronic 4000C wastes nothing in terms of efficiency. Small and lightweight, the device may be hidden away beneath the sink. In addition, tankless water heaters save energy waste by only heating water when it’s really being used. With no energy lost as standby, there is no waste.

Rinnai Models


Rinnai has four ranges of condensing water heaters, which are all ENERGY STAR® Certified, with high water output options, advanced features, and design. The ranges are distinguished by their size or their ability to condense. These are high-tech, convenient, efficient, and affordable units.


Rinnai’s RE series of non-condensing models are the first and only non-condensing tankless water heater with a built-in pump intelligent recirculation. The newly redesigned series of high-tech, non-condensing tankless water heaters offers unprecedented simplicity of installation, serviceability, dependability, and convenience.

Tank/Tankless Hybrid

The Rinnai Demand Duo Hybrid Water Heating System is an excellent option for replacing your tank quickly. With an 80-gallon heating capacity, an easy repair and maintenance process, and the best guarantee in the business, the Demand Duo H-Series is a clear winner in the market.

GE Models

Incorporated in 1892, General Electric is one of the most well-known manufacturers of appliances, including washing machines and water heaters. The company sells a wide variety of traditional and tankless models. They are offered in electric and gas configurations. 


Ruud, as a company, is a one-stop solution for your water heater needs, thanks to the breadth of their offerings. They have a wide variety of models for both commercial and residential needs, large, small, and everything in between.


One of Rheem’s many tank or tankless water heaters is sure to be just what your household needs. Rheem offers a replacement water heater for you whether you’re interested in a high water supply, low energy expenses, or both. They offer both traditional and tankless water heaters with electric power. 

Gas Water Heater and Our Ratings: 


Greentherm 9000 Series

The Greentherm 9000 has an efficiency rating of UEF up to 0.96 and novel features for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. The heat exchanger is covered by a whopping 15-year guarantee, while the rest of the components come with a full 5-year limited warranty.

Therm Series

The Therm versions provide affordable on-demand heating with an operating UEF of up to.92. Our gas-powered tankless water heaters are installed on the wall to save valuable square footage and heat water only when needed. The modern convenience of nearly unending hot water is made possible using innovative technologies that guarantee peak performance.


Whether you’re looking for a short, tall, or tankless water heater powered by gas, GE has a model for you. 


Because of their extensive catalog, Ruud is the go-to brand for all water heater requirements. They provide a massive selection of sizes and styles to meet the demands of any business or home.


On-demand, Takagi Tankless water heaters may provide anywhere from 200 to 500 gallons of hot water per hour, depending on the model. Tankless systems ensure that homes, businesses, and other locations with a continual need for hot water have an unending commodity supply.


Rheem has established itself as a market leader in tank-type gas water heaters and is continuously expanding its product line to include cutting-edge innovations in conventional and high-efficiency models. You can trust that their gas water heaters, no matter what size or price, will provide your family with plenty of hot water for years to come. 

Support Buying A New Water Heater

As the evaluations demonstrate, there is a wide range of water heaters from which to choose, each with its distinct advantages and features. Gas or electricity, how efficient it is, and the right size are all factors to consider. You can make an informed selection after reading our purchasing guide about the various water heaters on the market.

Once you have decided which water heater is perfect, you can count on 4 Star Plumbing Services to help select a water heater and install it in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

If you have any more questions about water heaters after reading our evaluations, please give us a call at 954-776-9888 or contact us online. You can trust that your water heater, no matter the model you choose, will provide abundant hot water for your home for many years.

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