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All You Need To Know About Underground Drainage Pipes

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Bacteria and other microorganisms thrive in stagnant water, which poses serious health risks. Unfortunately, suitable drainage and sewage systems are often neglected in the final stages of architectural design.

A 2016 study from the Universities of Ilorin and Ibadan in Nigeria indicates that a lack of adequate underground drainage significantly contributes to the spread of deadly illnesses like Malaria.

A poor drainage system may lead to other common underground pipe issues, such as floods and soil erosion, severely affecting the surrounding ecosystem.

Read on to find out why underground drainage and sewer pipes in Fort Lauderdale are so crucial if you’re worried about the security and integrity of your drainage system’s installation.

What Is Underground Drainage? 

Wastewater from a home, business, or factory is drained away through a network of pipes under the earth. Water pollution and the illnesses it might cause are avoided when wastewater is flushed away.

Specialized plastic pipes designed to function underground are used to dispose of wastewater. Using a drainage system, wastewater and rainfall from homes and businesses may be sent straight to a nearby body of water.

However, before being released into a free-flowing water body, wastewater used in an industrial setting undergoes treatment to remove any potentially dangerous substances.

Different drainage pipes and sewer pipes are utilized for various drainage systems.


Drain Pipes

An Abridged History of Underground Drainage

While the Roman aqueducts are still admired today, they weren’t the first civilization to mastermind an early wastewater system.

The ancient Indus Valley Civilization (modern-day Pakistan and Western India) was among the first to implement adequate water access and covered drain systems in its principal towns.

The toilets preserved in Crete’s palace of Knossos, from 3,000 years ago, inspired a flushing toilet design by Sir John Harrington in the 16th Century.

It took another two hundred years for this concept to mature into the patented bowl design of Alexander Cummings.

The Victorian period was marked by significant disruptions to London’s sewage system and other changes to the drainage infrastructure of the United Kingdom.

Before this, cholera was common in the early 19th century, and the River Thames was nothing more than an open sewer. In 1858, the city’s antiquated sewage system was finally updated.

The vast underground sewer network that resulted is still in use today, albeit with regular extensions to accommodate each influx in the city’s population.

All prosperous civilizations have prioritized the development of effective drainage, redirecting waste water away from drinking water and rainwater towards crops in agricultural usage, except for the Middle Ages (a time notorious for poor hygiene and terrible sewage).

Early Europeans used clay to make pipe systems, which continued for hundreds of years, according to

Beginning in England in the middle of the 19th century, the mechanical fabrication of clay drainpipes spread across Europe and to the United States.

Ceramic (tile) pipes replaced more traditional drainage methods in several nations throughout the following century. These countries included Jordan, Spain, and Pakistan.

Plastic sewer pipes first came onto the scene in the 1940s, and improvements to design and materials have led to the widespread use of corrugated PVC pipes and HDPE. 

What Pipes Are Best For Underground Drainage in South Florida? 

Drain pipe installation in South Florida most likely uses HDPE piping because it outlasts other materials and is affordable.

Those building new homes should pay special attention to their underground drain pipe installation in Fort Lauderdale for many reasons.

Foremost of these is that failure to do your due diligence before moving in will lead to expensive problems in the years to come. Leaks are likely. Other issues could rack up the price tag on repairs as well. 

You’ll want to be sure the underground drainage pipes you choose when building or renovating a home are of the highest quality. It will protect the health of you and your loved ones.

Your drainage system removes hazardous waste from your home, keeping things sanitary. If it is built correctly, it will prevent vile odors as well.

Keep reading for five reasons high-quality drain pipe installation is an essential investment.

Benefits of a Well Maintained Drainage System infographic

Helps Prevent Flash Flooding on Your Property

Well-installed and maintained underground drainage makes it less likely that torrential rain will cause temporary flooding on your property.

Water collection tanks may overflow during heavy rains, but underground pipes will take the excess water to larger collection areas.

This process ensures that any wastewater is taken away from your home and prevents contamination of drinking water. 

Prevents Unsightly Ditches

Open drainage systems are governed differently from state to state, but underground drainage pipes will always present a more polished look than dikes or ditches.

It may be challenging to sell a property with open drainage as well. 

Lowers Soil Erosion Risk

If you love gardening, Underground Drainage Systems gives you a significant advantage. Underground Drainage pipes ensure no water drains into your garden.

With an open drainage system, rainwater will create pools in the garden, later turning into a muddy mass.

With the accumulation of water in the garden, the plants will die, and excess water can also cause soil erosion. 

Minimizes Property Damage Risk

The accumulation of water in open drainage systems causes severe safety hazards. It can damage property and machinery. Mixing standing water and electricity can be a death sentence.

An adequately installed underground drainage system transports excess water from your property, negating these risks. 

Whisks Away Toxins and Disease-Causing Bacteria

Flash flooding from heavy rainfall can bring contaminated water onto your property and even into your home.

According to the CDC, the water from flash floods may contain sewage and can cause diseases like e. Coli and Salmonella.

4 Star Plumbing Services drain pipe services in Fort Lauderdale will take the contaminated water away from your property, preventing exposure to disease. 

Installation and Maintenance of Drainage Pipes in Ft Lauderdale

If you’re considering maintenance or installation for your home in Ft Lauderdale, reach out to 4 Star Plumbing Services for all the information and expertise you need to keep your home and property safe and beautiful for years. 

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