Energy Efficient Toilets

High-Efficiency Toilets Reduce Water Waste

Since the 1990’s, efficient, low-flow toilets have gained popularity. These provide a means of water conservation per flush and reduce waste and water bills for all. This is beneficial for a business, due to high amounts of restroom use from the masses.

Here are some reasons why high-efficiency/low-flow toilets are the most beneficial for business restrooms:

  • By using these conservational toilets, they can save you thousands of dollars a year on annual costs for water bills for your business. This revenue can then be used for new technology, employees, and your own personal income instead of extensive water bills.
  • If more companies began using these low-flow toilets, we could save billions of gallons of water per day across the country. This is beneficial for the environment by providing rivers and streams with more water for the wildlife that animate these settings.
  • By using cleaner and more conservative toilets, you will save the sewage systems less manure and muck, saving more wildlife and environment.

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